Nozecozies $8.95




Post Cards- Sold at the Blue Door Cafe, Greencastle, IN $1.00, Prints- $65

Click here to read Nearsighted Ned and the Goody Girls

ArtsFests Billboard 2010







$750, 30x40" oil.



$900, 40x36" oil.


Can do one similar 24x30 $500

$700, 36x30" oil

$1000, 60x40" oil

Veronica, 20x16" oil, 2010, NFS


Taxidermy, 36x40" 2006, NFS


Paint by Number Tragedy, 20x22" NFS


The Library Closes in 15 Minutes , 36x40" oil, NFS Sold to the head of Reference at Putnam County Public Library


Dollhouse Triptych, 29x40" $700.  The wings fold in and show a tree crashing through the living room.

Fire in the City 30x30" acrylic, SOLD


4 arches mural project


Pope Pinball and St. Hubert Pinball 28x13" Mixed Media, $500 each

The Goatman, 24x30" mixed media, SOLD

Chaos in the Kitchen, 36x40" oil, 2009, NFS


Untitled Textile, 24x18" oil, NFS